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Commitment for the Mission…

” My work will live as long as there is willingness

to continue it and you will be this willingness”

( Bishop Melchior Marion De Bresillac SMA Founder)

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Fr. Fachtna O'Driscoll, 
SMA Superior General
Fr. Fachtna O’Driscoll, SMA Superior General

A Message to Philippine District-in-formation for SMA 161st Founding Anniversary

I salute all SMA members and friends of SMA in Philippines.
8th December each year marks a very special day in the Society of African Missions. I quote from a letter from the Founder of the SMA, Bishop Melchior de Marion Bresillac, to Cardinal Barnabò, dated December 13, 1856:
“I think it is worth letting you know that, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, seven of us went to the Hill of Fourvière to offer our society to the Blessed Virgin at the foot of her venerated image. There we renewed the resolution of devoting ourselves fully to the work of the African Missions, and we wish, if the Sacred Congregation agrees, to establish December 8, 1856, as the foundation date of our Society”.
Bresillac was not to know that within three years of this solemn resolution, he and the majority of his six comrades were to die at Freetown, Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa. How did the Society survive such a crisis? Undoubtedly, the Blessed Virgin protected the fledgling Society offered to her care.  read more…


by: Fr. Alan De Guzman, SMA PhDF Superior
Google defined SEED as, a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction ‘capable of developing’ into a plant.
            I got interested on the phrase, ‘capable of developing’. If there is that ability to develop into something, and to make that something different, then there is HOPE..
            However, waiting for that hope and waiting for that capability of developing is not enough. We, both SMA priests and lay members need action plans and the sense of seeing, feeling and understanding the situation. read more…*pUyegTbVIvPXLZHcQD26Sg.jpeg*pUyegTbVIvPXLZHcQD26Sg.jpeg

Reflections for December 2017


By: Julieto Casapao

I am a missionary. As a missionary, it is important for me to remember
the basic foundation of my calling,
“Called as disciple of Jesus from the margin to the margins.”

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For orders text or call (0927) 1305470
** Cost does not include delivery fees.
For orders text or call (0927) 1305470 ** Cost does not include delivery fees.


Through the admirable generosity of SMA Mission Partners, SMA PhDF is able to sustain the operations in the Formation House, Vocation Team, Orientation Program and Mission Works in the Philippines and in Africa. 


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