1. Men between 18 – 30 years of age.
2. Senior Highschool Graduate, College Level, College Graduate, or Young Professionals.
3. Catholics, practicing the faith, having received the initial sacraments.
4. Having a missionary heart to work in Africa, and prepared to live in international communities.
5. Has submitted ALL the following documentary requirements: 
  1. Hand Written Letter of Desire to join SMA
  2. Applicant’s Personal Data Form (APD Form)
  3. Autobiography / Essay
  4. Birth Certificate (Original/Authenticated photocopy )
  5. Baptismal Certificate (Original/Authenticated photocopy)
  6. Confirmation Certificate (Original/Authenticated photocopy)
  7. Parents’ Marriage Certificate (Photocopy)
  8. Parish Priest’s Recommendation
  9. Certificate of Grades/Transcript of Records & Diploma
  10. College or Work Certificate of Good Moral Character
  11. If former seminarian, Recommendation of Rector from former Seminary.
  12. Medical Certificate
  13. 2 pieces of recent 2×2 or Passport Size Pictures