Seeds of Hope

By: Fr. Alan De Guzman, SMA PhDF Superior           

            Google defined SEED as, a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction ‘capable of developing’ into a plant.
            I got interested on the phrase, ‘capable of developing’. If there is that ability to develop into something, and to make that something different, then there is HOPE..
            However, waiting for that hope and waiting for that capability of developing is not enough. We, both SMA priests and lay members need action plans and the sense of seeing, feeling and understanding the situation.
            Headwinds are part of everyday life. Headwinds in terms of personal struggle in the mission , lack of support from the confreres, burn-out in the ministry, too much policies, demands from the members, and lack of growth in a vocation. These headwinds alone will expose the Society into extreme hazards which actually are happening now.
            In the Philippines, a vocation team (composed of  lay missionaries and myself) is taking in charge of the vocation promotion and animation.  I am certain that our efforts will be paid off every time we receive inquiries. But our team are only doing part-time ministry.
            SMA PhDF lay members are all working-class. SMA must be grateful for their time, talents, resources and efforts in helping SMA. BUT there is more to be done, something to be looked at. Headwinds to overcome and be prepared for.
            I hope that SMA PhDF members, both priests and the lay will do extra mile to really think and discern what can we find in our storage box. What will happen to that box in the future?
            Each day, we, SMA priests and lay members are doing a normal routinary ministry: parish, administration, formation, and others. Each day we acknowledge our hectic schedules. Each day we make o
ur demands from the Society. We do our respective ministries wholeheartedly. No question to this.
            As SMA PhDF members, there are two (2) things we need to ask:
  1. how we can help one another to shape the future of our unit? And
  2. What will happen to us when we see that our box is actually empty when we open it after 10 or 20 years?
            We grow old of course and perhaps, will be left alone into our own hands. Reality and time keep up with us. We can slow down and be content and be “OKAY” that our storage box is empty or we act now and plant the seeds of hope in our storage box and be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor in the future.
            We, SMA PhDF have all the capability to make something different in our unit. Let us make that seed of hope into a reality.
            We must act now. Let the seed of hope grow into our hearts, words and deeds. We must  continue to be the willingness that our founder Melchoir De Marion Bresillac  wanted us to be.