Family Crusade for Vocation Promotion

  • During the last quarter of the year 2013 the Catholic Church declared the succeeding year (2014) to be the year of the Laity. Pope Francis called for the empowerment of the laity in taking their role in God’s Kingdom. It was also this same year when SMA PhDF was faced the issue on its slow growth in membership.
    SMA Family Crusade for Vocation Promotion (SMA FCVP) was conceptualized as the SMA PhDF’s answer to Pope Francis’ challenge of empowering the laity and the urgent need of the SMA to increase its vocations here in the Philippines. During the SMA PhDF Community Assembly on July 2013 at Siquijor Province, SMA FCVP was envisioned to be a body of laity and SMA priests serving together to promote vocations for missionary priesthood. Membership was focused on families in recognition of the importance of families in building up and promoting the sense of vocation in each person.
    Starting small, two families, Abrenica Family and Mejor Family, responded to spearhead and pioneer the creation of SMA FCVP. On 8th December 2013 the SMA PhDF inaugurated the SMA Family Crusade for Vocation Promotion (SMA FCVP) as its new arm of lay collaborators with Fr. Alan De Guzman, SMA as the Vocation Director.
    Four (4) years after its inauguration the SMA FCVP has seventeen (17) committed members coming from the Luzon and Visayas and Mindanao with Fr. Alan Canoneo, SMA, as the new Vocation Director.
  • The SMA FCVP strives to promote God’s call to missionary priesthood for the Church in Africa. In collaboration with priests and brothers of the Society of African Missions, the SMA FCVP will encourage families and individuals throughout the Philippine Islands to raise awareness of the SMA Vocation to God’s mission in and for the peoples of Africa.

  •           In line with one SMA charism and spirituality, we adopt the following five (5) points of the SMA Founder Melchior Marion De Bresillac’s Spirituality and Charism as our core values:
    1. Pursuit of God’s will
    2. Love for the Church
    3. Obedience
    4. Prayer
    5. Trust in Providence 
              The members of the SMA FCVP, form their identity in accordance with the 5 points of Melchior Marion De Bresillac’s Spirituality. 
    As Vocation promoters of SMA, we are WILLING and COMMITTED TO pursue the mission to fulfill God’s will in LOVE, through prayer with the guidance of the voice of the Divine Savior in humble submission to God’s Holy will and under the direction of Superiors of the SMA.
    As vocation promoters, we are AGENTS OF EVANGELIZATION working under the Roman Catholic Church called to love beyond appearances, appreciate new people and culture and look for something new and good under the guidance of the Vocation Director of SMA. 
    By the grace of God, we practice peaceful obedience to God, our SMA superiors and vocation director, and help others to live it.
    4. PRAYER
    As vocation promoters, we form ourselves spiritually through regular personal and communal prayers and reflection of the life and works of the SMA Founder Bishop Melchior Marion De Bresillac.
    We trust in the Divine Providence in the sustenance of our spiritual and temporal needs, sharing the dream of the mission in Africa.  As a gratitude to God’s generosity of His providence, we believe in the principle of sharing our resources of what we receive from the Lord.
  • A. Membership with the SMA FCVP shall be voluntary and the member’s commitment shall depend on each member’s capacity and willingness to serve.
    B. Current SMA FCVP Members are encouraged to recruit other members within their family members, areas, or sphere of influence and propagate the charism of SMA.
    1. Qualification of possible FCVP Members
    2. Catholic families or individuals
    3. Willing to embrace the specific mission of FCVP
    4. Willing to join and share the mission work of SMA and FCVP in different regions of the Philippines.
    C. The SMA Vocation Director and/or the SMA FCVP Coordinator shall regularly send out reflection guides, information, or news about the SMA PhDF and FCVP activities to keep other members of FCVP from the other regions updated.
  • The members’ MMC shall be the SMA FCVP Funds, which shall be used for FCVP vocation activities. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the body, fundings for FCVP retreats, conventions, recollections, and formation programs shall be subject to a different contribution by each FCVP member and will not be taken from the FCVP MMC. Any excess to these funding shall automatically form part of the FCVP MMC.
    The member’s MMC shall be voluntary and will depend on the member’s generosity.
  • In order to further develop and form ourselves in accordance with our above stated identity and core values the following shall be done:
    1. Each FCVP Member is encouraged to attend the FCVP monthly meeting (for the Metro Manila Group) regular meeting (for the Regional Groups), which shall include discussion of the administrative matters for vocation promotion and the discussion of the De Bresillac’s works and five (5) point spirituality and charism or a formation program to be given by the Vocation Director.
    2. FCVP Members are also encouraged to attend FCVP organized annual retreats, recollections, convention, and formation programs; and retreats, recollections, conventions, and formation programs from outside sources.
    3. Each member is to have a daily prayer and scripture study, which shall include the SMA Prayer for Vocation and Prayer for the Canonization of the SMA Founder.
    4. Fellowship activities may be included in every activity to strengthen the community life of the group.
    5. Upon invitation by the SMA PhDF members, each SMA FCVP Member is encouraged to attend SMA PhDF activities to strengthen the bond and relationship of the SMA FCVP Members and the members of the SMA PhDF.
    6. SMA Vocation Director shall schedule and meet up with the SMA FCVP Members of the different regions to insure their continued formation and connection with SMA PhDF and SMA FCVP.
    As of August 17, 2017






    1. Fr. Alan Canoneo, SMA (Fr. Alan C) – Vocation Director


    2. Angelee Marree A. Abrenica (Angelee) – FCVP Coordinator


    3. Concepteone Marree A. Abrenica (Tep)



    4. Faith Victory A. Mejor (Faith)



    5. Conrado C. Abrenica (Rady)



    6. Perseveranda A. Abrenica (Perse)



    7. Fortunato B. Mejor (Buboy)



    8. Thelma A. Mejor (Thelma)


    9. Alexander Yumul (Aleks)


    10. Vergenee Marree A. Abrenica – Orillosa (Enee)


    11. Nestor Orillosa (Nikki)




    12. Anastacio G. Ardiente, Jr. (Jun)



    13. Ronie Barcenas (Ronie)



    14. Fredo Abrenica (Fredo)


    15. Josie Abrenica (Josie)





    16. Arnie De Guzman (Arnie)


    17. Paula De Guzman