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History of SMA Philippine District-in-Formation

        In November 1984, Fr. Patrick Harrington, SMA Superior General visited Manila, Philippines. In an interview with the late Cardinal Sin, Fr. Harrington took a special request for priests from Cardinal Sin, who in turned approved the request.
          In May 1985, during the SMA Plenary Council, the plan to establish SMA in the Philippines was approved. “To awaken new missionary vocations and create concrete links between the older and younger churches” was the challenge upon which the SMA General Council founded the SMA unit in the Philippines. In September 1985, Fr. John Mc Cormack and Fr. Pat Kelly both from Ireland arrived in the Philippines.
          Good Shepherd Parish was the first community established by SMA in the Philippines. It was first officially inaugurated on April 26, 1986. In December 1, 1987, the second SMA community was established, the SMA House of Studies in New Manila, Quezon City where SMA seminarians are housed and formed to become SMA priests. In February 11, 1992, SMA International Spiritual Year Centre was opened in Silang, Cavite. Sometimes in 2011, through the initiative of SMA Philippines Council, acquired a property in Cubao where Bresillac PhDF House was built. Bresillac PhDF House serves as residence for SMA PhDF Superior, Center for Administration and Finance, vocation and mission promotion office and a place for returning SMA Filipino missionaries from Africa.
          In years had passed, SMA Philippines was able to send out SMA Filipino priests to Africa, specifically in Ghana, West Africa and Tanzania, East Africa.