OUR FOUNDER Bishop Melchior de Marion Bresillac

Bishop Melchior  de Marion Bresillac, Servant of God

Bishop Melchior de Marion Bresillac, Servant of God

              Melchior Maria Joseph de Marion Bresillac, was the first child of Gaston and Josephine. He lived his childhood in a family, although noble, had lost its fortune during the Revolution.

                His father intended him to follow a military career, however, young Melchior at age 19, decided to dedicate his life to God.  Unexpectedly, Melchior’s father was very happy. 

                On 22 December 1838, Melchior was ordained as a priest and appointed 3rd vicar of the Parish of Saint Michael of Castelnaudry.

                As time goes, he felt a strong desire to dedicate his life as a missionary priest. However, people around him were hostile to the idea, his Bishop and his Father and family.

                Melchior wrote to his Bishop to allow him to be a missionary priest. But he was refused for 3 times. Despite all of this, due to his perseverance and faithful behavior, his Bishop allowed him to become a missionary priest.  On 2 June 1841, he left his Parish and went to Mission. But, Melchior still faced great opposition to his father and family.

                Because Melchior was sure of God’s call to him, he had courage to resist the heartbreak and grief that the tears of his mother and obstinacy of his father gave him. Eventually, his father accepted his greater calling. In Melchior’s father letter to him, it stated “Go, my dear, dear son. Go where Heaven is calling you; I now recognize the Voice that summons you. May he protect you. Be Happy. I submit!”

                On 24 July 1842, Melchior arrived in India, where he was sent to mission. It was in India, that he had the deep desire on missionary vocation: called and sent by God for a work which did not belong to him, he had to be ready to imitate the example of the apostles.