SMA Media Group

Plenary Council 2014 ensures that every unit will explore ways and means of promotion and mission through Media. Each unit will work in close collaboration with the International Media Centre.
Part of PhDf campaign to involve the lay in the promotion of our missionary work through social media,the SMA PhDF Media Group has been organized and was officially acknowledged on the 8th of December 2014, on the 158th Foundation Anniversary of the Society.
SMA PhDF Media Group will be responsible to update the SMA PhDF website, edit and lay-out the SMA Newsletter, make promotional materials for vocation and will link to the SMA international Media.
The vision of SMA PhDF Media group is to promote SMA mission and vocation in the Philippines through media awareness, to share  news to other units and to integrate the PhDF into the world of social media.
SMA PhDF Media Group is actively promoting SMA mission and vocation through SMA Philippines FCVP facebook page and regular publication of SMA PhDF official newsletter, Bresillac Footsteps. SMA PhDF website was launched in December 8, 2015. The website ran for almost two (2) years.  Mid-months of 2017, the website had malware problem. It had to be de-activated. On September 2017, SMA PhDF Superior decided to re-activate the website. Now, SMA PhDF official website is near to its completion.